Stel S.r.l.

Via Statale, loc. Predondo
25060 Bovegno (BS)

Tel. e Fax +39 030.926.575
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Hot forging of non-ferrous materials

Established in 1987, STEL S.r.l. specialises in the hot forging of small and medium sized brass components and has become the partner of choice for companies in the sector.

Over the years it has continuously updated and renewed its machinery to respond quickly and accurately to clients’ needs, making it a very reliable and efficient company in the production of 2-3 way brass items.

Through close-knit partnerships with other companies in the group, it has also been able to pick up on market trends, ensuring it is always ready to satisfy clients with quick and appropriate solutions. Combining expert knowledge of raw materials with an extraordinary skill in machining and treatments, it has taken on an important role amongst companies in the industry.