The Group

The Greiner Group is a specialised and qualified supplier of products and services for the distribution, metering and monitoring of gas and water. With over sixty years of experience, the company has successfully developed new products and formed a team of skilled professionals who design the finest system and management solutions for the public and private sectors and retailers, both in Italy and abroad.

The Group is made up of the following subsidiary and associate companies: Greiner, Geteor, Greiner Fittings, Stel and Ica, with a total of more than 100 employees.

Greiner S.p.A produces brass and bronze taps, valves and fittings for water and gas, to supply public operators and private clients in the plumbing and heating sector. The facility in Lumezzane, a well-known industrial area in the province of Brescia, has a surface area of 13,000 square metres, with an additional second production site in Villa Carcina (Brescia). The company has around seventy employees.

Greiner’s products are distributed in Italy and abroad, providing custom-designed products based on client requests, or offering a range of catalogue products. This is why Greiner is regarded as a global consultant, helping you find the best solution for each and every need: from the preliminary study to analysis and post-sales support.
Valves and Fittings Department
Greiner manufactures brass and bronze taps, valves and fittings and supplies to Italy and abroad.
The company specialises in taps and fittings for water and gas, ball valves, polyethylene pipe fittings, meter brackets and ball valves with lock. Over time their range of products has been extended and diversified; the core business of ball valves and polyethylene pipe fittings has been enhanced to include mechanical and electronic instruments and devices. Greiner operates in four sectors:
This is the company’s main sector of operations, also in terms of turnover. The company’s experience in this sector has led it to develop incredibly high production standards which adapt to the countries in which the gas or water utility providers operate. Greiner can offer the ideal solutions for any requirements, providing all the necessary certifications for system installation.

Another principal sector relates to plumbing and heating product retailers, for which Greiner provides a full, state-of-the-art catalogue. The retailers can rely on a vast range of solutions to satisfy their clients’ needs, from large to small enterprises.

Together with the utilities market, another important market has increased. In the last years the companies working as subcontractors for the installations have been playing a more and more strategic role to guarantee the final proper result. Greiner solutions are appreciated both by utilities - for their technical features - and by the installers - for their easy and flexible installation.

For clients who wish to create their own solutions from scratch we have a hot-pressing and turning department. This enables Greiner to offer a tailored service to create the best product in line with each client’s needs.

Divisione Greiner Instruments
Not only does Greiner manufacture brass and bronze taps, valves and fittings, but the company has also been a Global Consultant for 15 years, offering services and instruments connected to the design and subsequent maintenance of its systems.

In fact, once it has been installed, a water or gas supply system must undergo ordinary maintenance and, when necessary, metering, checks or basic upkeep.

Research and planning are the tools which have enabled us to become industry leaders: we provide collection, supply, distribution, and treatment services by supplying equipment for the distribution of raw, drinking, irrigation and waste water, or electronic systems for remote metering and transmission.

Alongside the classic, most-commonly used mechanical Venturi flowmeters, Greiner provides electromagnetic, ultrasound, piezoresistive products and microprocessor-controlled gauges.

In recent years Greiner Instruments has decided to supply instruments to the gas sector: state-of-the-art solutions include the earthquake-activated valve and a range of machinery designed to guarantee by-pass and arrears operations in complete safety.
Greiner’s history spans three generations: the brothers Roberto and Emilio Lena currently manage the company which has successfully maintained its original values whilst managing to stay up-to-date with changing times. Whereas the founder, Plinio Lena, established the company with precision and efficiency, today it relies on the attentiveness of the second generation and the third generation’s ability to look to the future. Going beyond a mere transition from one generation to the next, there is shared participation between generations, valuing the expertise of each family member and every partner.

Based in Lumezzane, an important industrial zone in the area of Brescia, since 1949, Greiner’s philosophy is centred on being a family-run company, a characteristic feature of the finest Italian business frameworks, regarding people as resources to invest in, both on a professional and human level. This is a brave choice in a global market which prioritises the maximisation of profit, but one which Greiner does not plan to relinquish.

Lumezzane in itself is a symbolic place for business, and whilst it has strong roots in the past, it looks towards the future with enthusiasm and a desire to accept challenges. The history of Greiner is connected to this charming location nestled amongst the valleys of Brescia: both have a history of men and women who have dedicated their lives to their trade and a fascinating past to be discovered: to find out more about these events and characters, click here to read the historic reconstruction put together by the journalist Massimo Tedeschi.