Company philosophy

Our Mission

We can carry out our mission through a deeper analysis of our business environment. Reading Greiner,it is possible to observe and catch a glimpse of the values and guidelines: security, responsibility, experience, commitment, innovation, enthusiasm and research.

Company and citizen-worker objectives overlap and intertwine. Here, we recognize the need and importance of the individual, as well as the active and direct involvement of the employee.

The company believes it has a duty to play an active role in the spread of "sustainable" awareness, since it involves numerous people on a daily basis.

Thanks to its market presence since the 50's, Greiner has gained considerable experience and developed from the synergy gained from collaboration within the company and with customers.

People assume the role of actors in a new relationship based on a two-way flow of information and virtuous behaviour: both the person and the company are engaged in mutual awareness.

Greiner would like to imagine the business system as a large ship: everyone is precious and essential to weighing anchor and sailing off together to achieve new breakthroughs in sustainability.

Employees are leaders and promoters of initiatives within the company.

Implementing this is necessary to provide a fertile environment that is attentive to technologically sustainable innovations.
One of Greiner's historically recognised characteristics is its focus on quality control and verification, not only with respect to the law, but also to the more demanding parameters of some laws. The desire to reach this goal, no matter the cost, is strongly present in Greiner's current management thanks to Plinio Lena's preparation.

A defining characteristic of Greiner is its constant effort toward ensuring that their products abide by the legislation and guidelines set forth by the European Community (or other governing bodies) that is designed to protect user safety.
Greiner's activity is part of a broader, more extensive project, which consists of corporate responsibility and, therefore, the ability to acquire additional tools so that Greiner will continue to be an active protagonist for projects that propose to enhance the environment, the land and the people. The environmental management systems consist of the set of activities through which the company systematically organises and operates their internal human, financial, and technological resources to improve environmental performance over time. To establish its EMS, a business can choose standard models, whose proper implementation ends with obtaining a trademark.  In addition, the management considers the conservation of resources and the environment to be essential for quality of life and sustainable development.

In compliance with the instructions provided in this standard, Greiner intends to improve its relationship with the environment through careful environmental management. In fact, the actions planned for this purpose are as follows:

- control/monitoring of energy consumption and natural resources, aimed at containment and/or reduction;
- monitoring liquid effluents and air emissions;
- implementing measures to prevent environmental accidents and to ensure an adequate response in the event of such an occurrence.