Water meters

ICA is a company which designs, manufactures and sells water meters. Founded in 1994, it boasts significant expertise in brass manufacturing thanks to the experience gained with Greiner in designing and selling meters.

The company avails itself of an in-house UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025-certified laboratory for precision, seal and accelerated wear testing on meters from 13mm (1/2”) to 200mm (8”).

ICA offers a extensive range of meters which are certified according to the 2004/22/CE Measuring Instruments Directive, including turbine, single and multiple jet, wet and dry dial meters and meters with protected rollers, as well as propeller meters, Woltmann-type extractable units, tangential units and delivery units. Over the years ICA has gained significant experience in satisfying the diverse needs of operators in the field of water-metering, and this is why it has become a reliable and efficient partner for industry businesses.

Download Single Jet Meter Dry Dial - Model TEV58R technical sheet

Download Single Jet Water Meter Protected rolls - Model SELE technical sheet

Download Multiple jet water meter Protected rolls - Mod PO technical sheet

Download Multiple Jet Water Meter Super Dry - Model RENO technical sheet

Download Woltmann meter - horizontal extractable - Model TAMIGI technical sheet